Ian on his own again!! But the sad reason was very much compensated by a fantastic gig with Ian standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME in a small club in Bremen!!
After so many years of separation Ian's back with DEEP PURPLE! Great show - especially the laser - with Beethoven directing John Lord's solo!
"Child in time" has been my all-time favourite ! But you could already sense the tension on stage between Ian and Ritchie!
It was a relief to have the band back together again!! Seemed they never split!
Great concert - though Joe Lynn Turner didn't prove to be the singer to replace Ian!
Since we can never get enough of our favourite bands we took the opportunity to see them again next day on our way to Spain!
First time without Ritchie - and Joe Satriani doing a really good job!! He played the songs exactly like on the records - after only a very short time of rehersal!!
We drove all night back from southern Switzerland only to see Steve Morse for the first time - it was definitely worth it!! And the chemistry on stage was right again!!
This gig in Barcelona was cancelled, but I kept one ticket because I liked it a lot!
The date of this ticket is wrong - it was postponed due to Ritchie's "leaving"
We couldn't get enough !!
Steve is getting more and more(se) used to the band - and the fans to him!! The audience was electrified! :-)
I was getting more impressed by the way Steve played his guitar!! No imitation of Ritchie but a very different - however perfect style!!
Such a gifted guitarist - and what a loss!! Someone who lets his fans suffer from his bad mood is not worth to be seen again!
Fantastic Open Air Festival ! Not too many peole - splendid weather - and a band that obviously had a lot of fun - and so had we !!
A long ride to eastern Germany! But our old camper made it again ! I was lucky to change a boring computer-ticket to this nice one!!
The last one so far!! Somehow we didn't find the time to see Deep Purple again ! But I'm very sure that that will change in the future!!